Our services are centered on the individual's needs as identified by the individual. After these needs are identified through a biopsychosocial assessment, we create a treatment plan which gives the therapist and the individual a detailed plan on meeting those identified needs. We then utilize evidence based therapeutic approaches which best suit the
individual's learning style and thought process in hopes of minimizing time in therapy and obtaining maximum benefits and results.
We offer individual services working with those who desire to build a
live worth living and improve their ability to maintain and manage

We offer faith based services utilizing Biblical scripture as evidence for secular evidence based practices keeping your beliefs and spiritual relationship in tact.

We offer couples services for those who want to improve communication and enhance their relationship through skills aimed at tending to the relationship.

We offer services to our community seniors including stimulation and
activities for Alzheimer's and dementia. This can also include home
visits if necessary.

We offer services directed at substance use disorders. Our approach to
substance use is that the alcohol and or drugs are a symptom of a bigger
problem that needs to be solved. Theoretically, once the primary
problem has been solved  the individual will no longer need the
substance. We work from an abstinence based and harm reduction approach.
We offer services to families who feel like the family relationships are
maladaptive or out of control. We utilize family systems theory to
identify roles and feelings within the family individuals to explain
behaviors and possible feelings associated with those roles. We then
employ skills to manage those emotions and improve interpersonal