Kevin Byrd LISW_CP, MAC
Who We Are
Chapin Behavioral Therapy is a new edition to the resources in the Chapin community area to provide a safe and confidential setting where people struggling with life circumstances, depression, anxiety, addictions, abuse, trauma, or maladaptive behaviors can receive professional support and training. At Chapin Behavioral Therapy, we pride ourselves in providing the most researched, approved, and effective evidence based treatment approaches available to date. We  utilize a strength based, validating, and non-judgmental approach that will offer you extraordinary results.
What We Do
  1. Individual Services
    Individual Services
    I work with individuals who desire to enhance their lives and maintain optimal functioning. The main objective is to reduce stress and suffering and increase happiness and satisfaction in life.
  2. Couples Services
    Couples Services
    The key to success in relationships is effective, assertive communication. I work with couples who desire healthy relationships with safe boundaries and honest lines of communication.
  3. Family Services
    Family Services
    Families are complex systems in which the actions of one create an effect on the entire system. I work with families who desire unity, harmony, and direction in reducing conflict and creating peace.